Tanda Canion Foundation

Tanda Canion Foundation

2021 Rites of Passage Program

Our Vision – To provide assistance and be a liaison for families.

The MISSION of the Tanda Canion Foundation is to Teach, Coach & Mentor the Whole Man.  We are professionals and educators committed to the stabilization, restoration and revitalization of families.


Foundation Programs:

• I CAN After SchoolTutoring Program

• Youth Rehabilitation/Counseling/Anger Management

• Education

a. Computer literacy

b. Resume preparation

c. Book Clubs

• Happy Face Christmas Program

• Debutantes

• Pregnancy Prevention

• Teen Pregnancy Care

a. Maternity Clothes

b. Diaper Drive

c. Partner with Breast Feeding Program

d. Mothering Skills

e. Bonding

f. New Mother’s Care

• Youth Retreats

a. Rites of Passage

• Etiquette for Youth

• Finance Classes for Youth

• Beautiful You Program

a. Teach Creativity

• Prodigals

a. Troubled Youth

• Single Parent Initiative

a. Computer Literacy

b. Adopt a Parent through Personal Assistance/Development

• Health/Wellness Initiative

• Senior Initiatives

a. Clean for a senior campaign

b. Transportation

• Cease Violence Initiative

a. Gun Control

b. Anger Management

c. Family Counseling

d. Mediation

• Foreign Connection

a. Service

b. Financial Aid


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