Partner with Tanda Canion Ministries

Partner with Tanda Canion Ministries

I humbly ask you to consider partnership with Tanda Canion Ministries. God has opened wide the doors to serving millions of people with the good news of Jesus, and He has so much more for us to do! The opportunities to minister are right in front of you and the needs are urgent. You and I have the power to change the world together. Now, more than ever before, we need your help. We have a passion for ministry and desire to maximize our platform. We want to do more. I cannot do it without you. Partnership is the engine that runs our ministry.

As a TCM partner, you will be recognized as a part of TCM Family. You will become a part of a global initiative. TCM provide ministry in targeted areas. TCM is committed to reaching the lost, teaching the found, and training leaders through practical biblical preaching and teaching. TCM promotes excellence on all levels of ministry. With you partnership you can will assist in touch families, lives, and spreading the gospel. Not only will you assist us in spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ but your committed daily faithful prayer for this ministry will give us strength. Together we can influence the community, the nation, and the world.

My covenant to you is that I will do everything within my power to walk in integrity and to be instrument in equipping you to become all that God has designed you to be. I will not cease to pray daily for you. We will stay on the ground serving wherever there is a need.

Your partnership with Tanda Canion Ministries is expressed through a monthly financial gift of any size. Your generosity will thrust our ministry initiatives forward to the next dimension. It is through your seed that keep TCM active. Your partnership will help us to continue to equip leaders to serve, feed the hungry, clothe the naked, community events, Youth and Senior Programs and global efforts.

You will become so fulfilled knowing that your investment in this ministry is making a difference in the lives of the hopeless, lost, and hurting.


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