Double Book Release

Dr. Tanda Canion has pinned decades of life and ministry experience into two powerful books, Hats (A Woman’s Guide To Prioritizing) and The Porch (Establishing A Place To Meet God). Empowerment Conference 2022 attendees were the first to get their autographed copies March 4, 2022 during a special double book signing. Hats: A Woman’s Guide To Prioritizing Women wear different hat roles in life and by the grace of God are successful at wearing a lot of them. Most likely,…

Voices Against Violence

Troubled by the surge in violence in our city (Atlanta, GA) and around the nation, Bishop Michael Canion, has called together advocates, leaders, parents affected by these incidents, and the community. As the senior pastor of Assembly of Truth Ministries. and overseer of the United Fellowship of Churches, Bishop Canion was moved to take action. Many are troubled by the violence. We’re calling on you to make your voice heard. The Lord has given us specific instructions, but we need your…

Room 325 Book Release

As the clock struck midnight on December 31, 2019, no one could have imagined what 2020 would bring, as we all rejoiced at the dawning of a new decade. That was the day that a veiled prophecy foreshadowed what would be a life-altering event; an event that most people had never experienced before. I could not fanthom that God would use my husband and I to usher in a demonstration of His supernatural power in a way only He knew.…
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