Room 325 Book Release

Room 325 Book Release

As the clock struck midnight on December 31, 2019, no one could have imagined what 2020 would bring, as we all rejoiced at the dawning of a new decade. That was the day that a veiled prophecy foreshadowed what would be a life-altering event; an event that most people had never experienced before. I could not fanthom that God would use my husband and I to usher in a demonstration of His supernatural power in a way only He knew.

ROOM 325 is a personal journey of my near death, Covid-19 experience. It was written to encourage readers to trust in the healing power of God… because He is always there for us in any situation.”

Dr. Tanda Canion

Room 325 was the room where my blood pressure plummeted to 40/10, everything stood in the balance and the scale could have easily shifted either way, as I battled the dreaded disease Covid-19. It was the room where I was hospitalized, alone, laying on my back and fighting to breathe. I was fighting to live while death lurked on the other side of a cracked door, like a hungry animal seeking whom it may devour. It seemed at times I could not win because Satan had an agenda to count me in the number of the world-wide pandemic victims, where the death toll swelled daily but mercy said, “No!”

This book is an extremely personal, painful and frightening journey to the edge of death, but thanks be to Jehovah-Rapha for His healing power and amazing grace. This book will encourage you to rest in hope and remind you that God is a present help in the time of trouble.


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