Double Book Release

Double Book Release

Dr. Tanda Canion has pinned decades of life and ministry experience into two powerful books, Hats (A Woman’s Guide To Prioritizing) and The Porch (Establishing A Place To Meet God). Empowerment Conference 2022 attendees were the first to get their autographed copies March 4, 2022 during a special double book signing.

Hats: A Woman’s Guide To Prioritizing

Women wear different hat roles in life and by the grace of God are successful at wearing a lot of them. Most likely, she will not do well if she wears them all at the same time. This writing is a guide to understanding and setting boundaries on the many hats worn by women who multitask and are bi-vocational.

The Porch: Establishing a Place to Meet God

This book is to empower the reader to find a designated place hollowed out as a sanctuary for God to guide and speak, as He did for my mother on the front porch of the family home.


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