Empowerment Conference

Empowerment Conference

The Empowerment Conference will take place March 3-4, 2022. We will “ignite your passion” to live a life of excellence in ministry, relationships, health, career and community.

2022 Conference Workshops

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Revive Your Prayer Life
During times of crisis, such as what we have experienced the past two years, prayer may seem to be a futile endeavor. This workshop has been designed to restore your faith and rekindled your passion to pray.
Revive Your Marriage/Relationship
Many couples think they’re alone when being relationally tried but no one is an exception to the process of becoming one. Whether married, dating or engaged, proper tools to navigate relationships are essential to success. If your marriage or relationship is being put to the test, this workshop will help you rebuild communication, revive and restore it back to a healthy level.

Revive Your Leadership
Many leaders are leading from a place of emptiness and burnout. Leading has become more difficult in these challenging times because of the ills of today. The right leadership strategies are necessary in serving this present age. A leader must give out, but good leadership understand they must be replenished. This workshop will revive your vision, renew your leadership skills and help rebuild your foundation, so that you can lead with passion.
Revive Your Finances/Business
Finances are necessary for both you, your family, and the kingdom of God. Are you interested in knowing how to start a business? Has your business suffered loss in revenue? Are you on the brink of having to close? Increase your business knowledge, financial literacy, credit, digital currency, and so much more. This session will give you helpful information to build your financial portfolio and tools to restore income that will lead to financial freedom.

Revive Your Mental Health/Self Care
It’s ok to get help! Mental illness is one of the most overlooked conditions plaguing our society today. In the wake of the Pandemic, many have suffered in silence from depression, anxiety, loneliness, and isolation. 51.5 million people are struggling with some form of one or more of these conditions. Have you given so much to others that you’ve forgot about yourself? Have you minimized the importance of caring for you? Caring for yourself is a part of God’s stewardship plan for your life, without feelings of guilt.  Learn how to get back to taking care of self. This workshop has been designed to address these issues so that your mind, body, and soul can be renewed without stigmatization.
Pastoral Support
The Pandemic has put many spiritual leaders to the ultimate test of faith, struggling to keep not only their members strong, but their church doors opened, and many to a breaking point. Pastors navigated many through the pandemic, but who is caring for the pastors? Do you realize how important your pastor is to your overall well-being in the natural and spiritual? Whether you are an amour-bearer or not, this session is a clarion call to anyone who serve alongside pastors.  

Empowerment Panel for Men
This candid panel just for men, allows for open and honest communication between brothers addressing issues related to men with a plethora of topics. Men will get to be empowered through a private session from other men who can relate and sharpen each other.
Empowerment Panel for Women
This woman only empowerment panel is an open round table forum that addresses the issues women face in their everyday lives. Get empowered from women who have turned ashes into beauty. Allow the testimonies of survival, rebuilding and reinventing aid you in your own recovery back to self. The session is guaranteed to propel you to your next dimension.  

Get Your Laugh On with Willie Brown and Friends
Fear, discouragement, pain and grief sent a riveting effect throughout the world due to a lasting pandemic. It’s time to get your laugh on… because laughter is good medicine. Get your giggle boxes tuned up for some wholesome, family fun with comedian Willie Brown and his delightful sidekicks.
Book Signing
Dr. Tanda Canion is a mentor who has impacted the lives of many around the globe.  She recently pinned decades of life and ministry experience into two powerful books, HATS (A Woman’s Guide To Prioritizing) and The Porch (Establishing A Place To Meet God) written to inspire the reader’s journey.  Be the first to get your autographed copies at Tanda Canion Ministries product table at the Empowerment Conference. 

Fashion Extravaganza
Fashion has always been a topic of discussion, but many resorted to pajamas and sweatpants during the pandemic. If working from home, zoom conference calls and being cooped up inside took away your swag and you lost your fashion passion, get revved up with our Fashion Show Extravaganza. Come see what’s new in 2022.

2022 Registration

Individual Rate – $35.00  

Group Rate (10 or more, 11th person FREE) – $30/Person

Willie Watkins is a Proud Sponsor of  Tanda Canion Ministries http://www.williewatkins.com/

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