Empowerment Conference

Empowerment Conference

Last year’s 2021 Empowerment Conference transitioned to a virtual environment. The next Empowerment Conference will take place March 3-4, 2022. The platform or host site may change, but we will continue to ignite your passion” to live a life of excellence in ministry, relationships, health, career and community.

2021 Behind the Scenes Highlights

2022 Registration

$35.00 – Individual Rate  

$30.00(pp) Group Rate (10 or more) 11th person free

Power in a Pandemic Ebook-

Notes from the desk of Dr. Tanda Canion and Bonus Chapters from: Bishop Michael Canion of “Satan is in Sales”

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Willie Watkins is a Proud Sponsor of  Tanda Canion Ministries http://www.williewatkins.com/


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