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Thank You for your Purchase!

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A new prayer journal is available from Dr. Tanda Joy Canion. Prayer is a spiritual discipline that no believer can afford to live without. Prayer befriends our relationship with God and sharpens our spiritual ears so we can keep them to His mouth. It is through prayer we commune and hear God.

Many voices are speaking but we must silence them all and listen intensely to the voice of God. Prayer is a safe place that we can be transparent and close the door to the chatters of the world and quietly listen to Him. Through prayer God comforts, guides, understands and gives peace. Prayer gives us the security that we long for without betrayal or disappointment.

It is through prayer that God speaks to us. Some times He speaks in thunder. Other times He speaks in a whisper. Maybe He will speak through a child or a song. Whenever He speaks or answers a prayer, it is worth chronicling it this journal.

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