Room 325
A Journey Through The Dreaded Covid-19 Virus

This book is a personal and fearful journey of my Covid-19 near death experience. It is designed to encourage the reader to trust in the healing power of God because He is always there for us in any situation.

Auntie’s Closet
Discovering Dreams, Passion and Purpose

In Auntie’s Closet, Tanda J. Canion mingles life experiences from her Auntie’s closet with scripture to give the reader insight on discovering dreams, passion and purpose. Auntie’s Closet carries the reader on a journey of discovering clues for successful living. As a reader, your passion will be ignited, and you will be propelled into your purpose.

Blood of the Floor
A Story of Grace and Hope

Blood on the Floor is a compelling story of poverty and victory. It is a book that offers hope regardless of your situation. You will be drawn in by this book and feel as the author felt. Once you read this book you will be convinced that every obstacle can be overcome.

Cooking With Tanda Joy Canion

This cookbook contains a variety of easy to prepare delicious meals.