2022 Empowerment Online Videos_a

2022 Empowerment Online Videos_a

Thank you for purchasing the 2022 Empowerment Conference! Our staff selected several of the best services, sessions, and highlights for your online experience. View and comment below:

General sessions

Get A Bigger Jar | Dr. Tanda Canion

Go Sit Down Somewhere | Dr. Todd Hall

Empowerment Sessions

Revive Your Leadership | Dr. William E. Flippin, Sr.

Pastoral Care | Elder Charisse Sampson

Revive Your Marriage/Relationship | Bishop Michael Canion

Revive Your Mental Health | Dr. Theresa R. Jacobs

Women’s Empowerment Panel | Facilitator: Dr. Tanda Canion; Panelists: Tiffany Davis, Pastor Ebony Ham, Lecita Porter, Teneshia Murray

Bonus Content

Get Your Laugh On Comedy | Willie Brown & Friends

Midday Musical | Guest Artists: Rodney Iler, Shawna Harris, Minister Kathi Mills, Bishop Collier Starks and Unity

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