Past Events (Page 3)

Breath of Life Fellowship Convention

Join Dr. Tanda Canion July 27, 2017 at the Breath of Life Fellowship Convention(Fairfield Baptist Chapel) for “Tenant of Repentance from Dead Works”  For more information please contact 678-325-3325.

Faith Apostolic Deliverance Church Conference

Join Dr.Tanda Canion Sunday, May 21, 2017 at Faith Apostolic Deliverance Church with Apostle Joseph Floyd. The Conference theme is ” Powered to be Empowered”, colors Charlotte Blue and Purple. For more information call 404-543-3182.

Redeeming Word COGIC Appreciation Service

Join Dr. Tanda Canion April 30, 2017 for Redeeming Word COGIC Appreciation Service. The service will be for Installation Service for District Missionary. All women please wear white. For more information call 678-993-9515.

Chris Favors Ministries Women Conference

Join Dr. Tanda Canion, April 22, 2017 at Chris Favors Ministries “Women’s Conference”. Conference theme is “Break the Cycle Trinity” registration is $30.00, for more information please call 678-830-4987.

Kingdom Covenant Christian Ministry Women’s Conference

Join Dr. Tanda Canion April 14, 2017 for Kingdom Covenant Christian Ministry Women’s Conference. The theme is “i am-the brand -Rise UP”. The colors are Pink, Grey, and Turquoise. For more information call 478-224-5464

O.H. Ministries Women’s Conference

Please join Dr. Tanda Canion, April 8th, 2017  for O.H. Ministries Women’s Conference. The theme is ” Covered Girls” For more information please call 334-576-1936