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Leading Ladies: Blood, Sweat and Heels

This session is a safe place for female bishops, pastors, and pastor’s wives to have crucial conversations. Be a part of the discussion. Impart wisdom and assist other leading ladies who are serving this present age on the front lines of ministry. It’s an excellent networking opportunity for women of like kind. Iron sharpens iron.  In…

Marriage Maintenance

In the society for which we are living, maintaining your marriage is like maintaining your car.  Every now and then you have to take it in for maintenance.   In order to sustain under the pressures of today’s society, you must invest in your marriage. The Christian divorce rate is at an all time high. God-ordained…


Scripture teaches us to “be angry but sin not.” Let’s discuss the emotions of being angry and how to get a grip on our behavior when our anger is triggered. Allow God to heal you from your emotional triggers. Discover strategies to walk in victory over anger! Register or learn more about the 2014 Empowerment…

Organize Your Life

Can’t seem to get a grip on time?  Can’t seem to organize and create a flow for your life? Do you feel overwhelmed?  Can’t seem to find important items?  Do you need to de-clutter?  This workshop is designed to help busy people rid their life of clutter and live a simplified lifestyle.

Girls Gone Wild II

A continuation of a candid discussion with Dr. Tanda Joy Canion as she mentors and motivates women of all walks of life to be set free from the tradition and the bondage of sin.  In this teaching, Dr. Canion, reinforces the plan of God for Women to be all that she can be for Him.…

Parents in Pain

In 2 Timothy 3:1-4, scripture teaches us, “there will be terrible times in the last days”. People will be lovers of themselves, lovers of money, boastful, proud, abusive, and disobedient to their parents… lovers of pleasure rather than lovers of God. There is no pain like that of a wayward child. Parents are being challenged like…

Leadership Training I

Apostle Clifford Duckworth is founder and chief prelate of the Kingdom Life Fellowship Ministries International, formerly known as the Redeemed Churches. Out of the loins of faith and obedience to God, Apostle Duckworth has launched several churches, sucessful businesses and establishments. He continues to progress, as he is currently enhancing his education in a doctorial program.

Leadership Training II

Are we born to lead or trained to lead? Have you been identified as a potential leader? As many of the great leaders of the civil rights era continue to expire and age, are you prepared to lead, teach and mentor the next generation? Do you have the vision, heart, desire and ability to serve people? If so, get inspired and empowered as a leader in this workshop