Past Events

2020 Empowerment Convention

The Empower Convention aims to rekindle your passion “to live a life of excellence” in ministry, relationships, health, career and community. Day sessions and seminars are reserved for registered convention attendees only. General sessions, held in the evenings, are FREE and open to the general public. Renown speakers from around the country provide encouragement and professional training.

Women PROPEL and Excel Summit 2019

Join Dr. Tanda Canion, Saturday, September 21,2019 for a panel discussion on Women in Ministry. Host Pastor Demarlo McKinney.

2019 Purity Ball

Rites of Passage September 10, 2019 6:00 pm For Youth 5-18 years old Sessions include: Basic Sewing,Cooking,Etiquette, Washing, Finances, Sexual Purity, and more. Purity of Ball Children must attend Purity Sessions to attend Purity Ball Click here to register or call 404-228-6969