Past Events

Straight Life Church of God Pentecostal

Join Dr. Tanda Canion for Morning Worship at Straight Life Church of God Pentecostal,(Apostle Robert L. Williams) Theme: Women of God Moving Forward For God’s Glory

The Tabernacle of Praise

Join Dr. Tanda Canion March 10, 2019 at The Tabernacle of Praise Appreciation. For additional please call 706-518-7349.

One on One with Bishop Noel Jones

An intimate round table session with one of God’s Generals. In this session you experience a rare opportunity to receive impartation, that will shift the trajectory of your life, from this renowned veteran, preacher, philanthropist and entrepreneur. In this setting with Bishop Jones, he will download straight from the thrown of God. His unique way…

Leadership II Pastor Mark Moore Jr.

God called the old because they know the way. He calls the young because they are strong. It has been declared that Millennials do not love God. And that the Elders are obsolete. Each generation brings a unique leadership style that is relevant for the times. This session will offer tools that marry generations, that…

Man Power(Men’s Panel) Deacon Renard Cowan & Elder Gerald Willis

God created men to lead with purpose and integrity. Yet, work stress, identity issues, the trappings of the world and insecurity, can hinder men from fulfilling their purpose in God, their homes, and their local ministries. This collaborative panel discussion for men will address these challenges as well as discuss the importance of men discovering…

No Limits No Labels Dr. Tanda Canion

This interactive panel discussion for women will address how to live a life no longer bound by difficult circumstances, narrow mindset, or limits and labels placed on women by society. During this session, you will hear candid stories and real-life experiences from panelists on how they established their identity on their own terms, free from…

Empowerment Convention

The Empower Convention aims to rekindle your passion “to live a life of excellence” in ministry, relationships, health, career and community. Day sessions and seminars are reserved for registered convention attendees only. General sessions, held in the evenings, are FREE and open to the general public. Renown speakers from around the country provide encouragement and professional training.

Leadership I Dr. William Flippin

Leaders are the pulse of any ministry, and they are empowered to actualize the vision of the Body of Christ. Are you a leader in any capacity and need to unlock your potential? TCM has a passion for encouraging those who mistakenly think that their contribution is minimal because it is not in the well-known…