Dr. Tanda Joy Canion

Pastor Tanda Joy Canion is the wife of Bishop Michael Canion and co-pastor of the Assembly of Truth Family Worship Center in Atlanta, Georgia. She is an ordained elder and evangelist in good standing in the Higher Ground Always Abounding Assemblies under the leadership of Bishop Sherman S. Watkins and Bishop T.D. Jakes. Under this organization, Dr. Canion served as the National Women’s President.

Pastor Canion is well seasoned in the word of God and brings a wealth of experience to the ministry. Her ministry branches out in the following areas:

  • — Bible Teacher
  • — Convention/Conference Speaker
  • — Seminar Speaker
  • — Guest on TBN

Pastor Canion has embraced her mission to preach the gospel throughout the nation and the world and passionately promotes excellence on any level throughout the Body of Christ.