(Before and after my surgery. Be sure to view my video below. Please read, like, and share).
I have always been know for my hair styles and fashion. It is just a part but not all of who I am. Last year I went through a surgery that challenged my self esteem. Like many people at one time in my life I had low self esteem. After accepting Jesus Christ, He revealed to me who I am and that I am made in His image.
Prior to the surgery, I was rocking the mohawk hair style. After this surgery I had to retire the hawks and go to wearing units (wigs) while I healed in hopes that I could go back to my original styles. Needless to say it did not happen that way. It was an adjustment but I learned quickly to enjoy being able to go into the drawer. LOL. It gave me diversity. I could be long, short, red, black and anything I felt for that day. Recently, I have been attacked by a disease that the doctors have not been able to diagnose that have caused me hair loss. The doctors told me that at this time I can not wear my units (wigs). The devil said to me, “what are you going to do now since you have lost your hair and you can not wear your units? What are people going to think?” While it is nice to be liked I don’t put a whole lot of thought into what others think. I learned that those that love you will do so regardless of what happens to you. The others will continue whatever they did prior to the situation. I answered back and said, “I am not my hair. I am God’s daughter with or without hair. I will rock whatever God has given me. If its nothing, I will create my own style. No limits and no labels. I am not my hair!”
I am sharing my testimony with you to encourage you. I am believing God for healing and a full recovery but until He does it, I will rock what I have! I will still rock my units whenever I get ready too. I want to encourage those of you who have had life changes just as I have to be encouraged. Take lemons and make lemonades. You must refuse limits and labels. Regardless of what life brings, remember you are not what has happened to you. No limits, no labels.


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