It’s Our Anniversary!! Celebrating 32 Years

IT’S OUR 32ND ANNIVERSARY!!!!! This picture shows the depth of our love. We stood before God and said for better or for worse. We have honored our vows for 32 years.  God looked so favorably upon me when he gave me this godly man. Every morning he meets God in prayer without fail. I am blessed today because of him. He built a platform for me to stand on. When I fall or get weak He softly picks me up and restores me. He prophetically speaks into my life. He takes good care of me and afforded me the opportunity to stay home with our kids and pursue my personal goals. He coaches and pulls out my maximum potential. My husband is secure, strong, smart, resilient, dependable, dedicated, wise and loves me. In the words of Celine Dion, “I am everything I am because you loved me.” I am excited about our 2nd half. We are the best together.


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