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Empowerment Classes

Marriage & Relationships-(Bishop Michael Canion)-Walking down the aisle and saying “I Do” does not make a marriage neither does it build a successful relationship. But whether your relationship is just starting out or you have been in one for years you still need tools to build and strengthen your commitment.  In this Session Bishop Michael Canion discusses the power of saying “I do”.

Leading Ladies-(Dr. Tanda Canion)-An intimate session for Women Pastors and First Ladies to take their masks off and have a real discussion about the experiences and challenges of serving on the front line of ministry.

A Focus on the Family Empowerment Panel Discussion-(Pastor Pam Endsley, Pastor Steven and Octavia Byrd)-In the society we are living in focusing on the family is hard to do. Working a job, paying bills, educating children and taking care of our loved ones will make anyone want to throw in the towel. In this session join the panelist as they discuss their strategies on navigating through life as they focused on the family.

Caregivers for All Ages-(Dr. Tincie Lynch, AARP)-Being a family care giver is one of the most important jobs you can have, as well as the most challenging. AARP has joined Tanda Canion Ministries in this session to provide information, support and resources for those who need assistance in making decisions and handling conflicts during your caregiving journey.

Human Trafficking-(Chief Gary Sparks)-Statistics show that over 40.3 million people are victims of human trafficking globally.  Where does it start?  In your home, school, work, etc.  In this session you will gain knowledge and wisdom on the prevention of this growing epidemic right in our back yards. 

Leadership I-(Bishop Kevin Perry)-Whenever the work of God has gone forth, there has always been a leader at the helm.  It is a singular person called by God to lead those that follow into territories that have not been explored.  Join Bishop Kevin Perry as he empowers, mentors and coaches you into being the leader God called you to be.

Women’s Empowerment Panel Discussion-(Lady Kisha Walker,Lady Octavia McNair, Lady Nicole Johnson, and Lady Shanesia Johnson)-Women are stepping up to the plate and defining themselves on their own terms free from the expectations of others.  Outside of being a wife and a mother, women are starting business and becoming entrepreneurs.  In this session lets journey with women who are present in the room and who are making their voices heard.

Men’s Empowerment Panel Discussion-(Bishop Michael Canion, Bishop Donald Lancaster, and Bishop Stephen Howard)-This collaborative panel discussion for men will address the various challenges of men in this day in time.

Breaking Bad Habits-(Bishop Michael Canion)-The definition of insanity is doing the same thing and expecting to get different results.  Join Bishop Michael Canion as he shows you through the Word of God how to break bad habits by transforming your thinking and renewing your mind.

Leadership II-(Bishop Wade McCrae)-Continues the discussion on leadership.  In this session you will discover the qualities and characteristics of being a true leader.



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